Progress in the Third Week

Rosie | June 10, 2009

As mentioned in the last post, we are hoping to bring you photos each week to show the progress of the new skatepark. Although the weather isn’t quite as nice as the week before, the photos below, taken on Monday 8th June, begin to show the development of the sunken structure taking place.

Photos by Rosie Graves

Second Week of the Build

Rosie | June 2, 2009

Here at we aim to keep you as up to date as possible with the new skatepark’s construction taking place on the Orwell Green field. To do this every week we will be posting new photos of the site to show the improvements and progress so far. Take a look at the photos below taken on Sunday 31st May.

Photos courtesy of Rosie Graves and James Hume

Work Begins on Felixstowe Skatepark

admin | May 27, 2009

After years of fundraising and hard work by many people, the building work has began on Felixstowe Skatepark. The area where the skatepark is to be built on Orwell Green has been fenced off near Morrisons supermarket and Christ Church. Lots of ground work has been happening on the site including the removal of large amounts of top soil for the £180,000 skatepark’s sunken design. The contract was awarded by Suffolk Coastal District Council to Bendcrete Ltd to build the skatepark, who also built Woodbridge skatepark last year.

Thanks to Rosie Graves for the photos of the current work included in this post.

Welcome to the new website

admin | January 24, 2009

Hello and welcome to the new look Felixstowe Skatepark website. Sorry if you have trouble viewing the website or finding the information you need in these early days. The website should be fully up and running within the next few days. It’s hoped that this new website will enable us to bring you up to date news about the Felixstowe Skatepark project faster and also give you the chance to easily post your comments and thoughts.

£50,000 grant gives green light to Skatepark build

admin | October 31, 2008

Now that a grant for £50,000 has been sucered from the Government’s Fairplay Play Builder scheme the work can now start on the long awaited skatepark in Felixstowe. The skate park is still to be built on Orwell Green, at an estimated cost of around £180,000, ready to be opened for use next year.

Xtremefest a success

admin | June 28, 2008

This year sees the Xtremefest event grow bigger showing even more the need for a skatepark in Felixstowe. For more information on the event go to Also view the photos taken by James Hume at the event by clicking on one of the photos below.

Planning application for Felixstowe Skatepark

admin | February 26, 2006

Thought you might be interested to know that finally after 3 half year. The Club FSA & SCDC (Joe Liggett) sent in the planning application for Felixstowe Skatepark on 21/02/06 .  So the project is now in the hands of the local planning authority….
Yet again it a matter of waiting, but this is furthest and skatepark project gone in the last 15 years.
The planning authority will be putting notice up around the site next week sometime I think.

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