Events July 2004 to October 2004

JULY 2004

11th July: FSA first newsletter.
12th July: The Public Meeting at Grange School.
13th July: FSA Poster campaign launched at all Felixstowe Schools & Halfords.
19th July: Eddie Peters Meeting with Morrisons Store.
19th July: FSA Contacted
22nd July: News Paper articles, James Hume’s letter printed & other letters were Printed on the 9th 13th 15th.
26th July: Felixstowe & District Council for sports and recreation meeting with The FSA cancelled.
29th July: SCDC held a meeting with Felixstowe Town Council.
29th July: Eddie Peters of SCDC was asked to review all possible sites again.


2nd Aug: FSA Contacted Clive Bowman Design.
3rd Aug: FSA responded to SCDC Skate park Review plans.
4th Aug: FSA received Landfill Tax Credit Scheme grant application forms From SCDC.
6th Aug: Eddie Peters leaves SCDC.
6th Aug: Received first reply from Clive Bowman Design ltd.
9th Aug: Started dealing with Joe Liggett Leisure Services manger for SCDC.
24th Aug: Attended an Update Meeting with Joe Liggett of SCDC. Existing proposed Skate park plan rejected.
25th Aug: Received more information Clive Bowman Design ltd.


2nd Sep: Joe Liggett of SCDC meet with Felixstowe Town Council. Both councils agreed a New Proposed location.
6th Sep: Joe Liggett Sent a copy of the report he presented to FTC.
10th Sep: FSA Contacted Bendcrete ltd about new drawings.
11th Sep: FSA produce a basic sunken park plan showing new proposed size Changes.
13th sep: Attended a Meeting With Joe Liggett of SCDC & Paul Connor of the Environmental Health.
20th sep: Bendcrete phone conversation more information asked for.
24th sep: FSA Marked the proposed skate park area on the new location James Hume took pictures & video of the site.
29th sep: FSA presented SCDC with site picture’s & video.
29th sep: SCDC meet with the local Church group.


1st Oct: FSA received SCDC report from the church meeting.
1st Oct: Spoke to Joe Liggett by phone & asked him what happens next.