First Club News Letter

Skatepark News Update

There is a public meeting being held, tomorrow (Monday 12th July) at grange school at 7:00pm.

Please attend if you can, If your parents show an active interest in your Skating, Bmxing or In-lining, please bring them along to the meeting.Hope to see you there to show there is a lot of support for the proposed Skatepark.

The public meeting is to discuss the proposed location of Orwell green.Unfortunately there are a large number of local residents who are campaigning against the park being built on Orwell green.

On top of all this the builders, Brook’s and Wood (Ipswich park builders) have viewed the Orwell green location and a few weeks ago informed the council that access for the heavy building equipment and preformed transitions will have to be through morrisons (Safeway) carpark.

The council has met with Morrisons local Manager and has explained that access will be required through their carpark for the Skate Park to be built. We are waiting for the reply from their head office.
So if Morrisons say no and the residents put together a good case of objection to the proposed park, Orwell green will be a no go and a new location will have to be found for the park.

Skatepark News updates.

It has been just over a month since our last Skatepark meeting with Eddie Peters of S.C.D.C.

In the last month a few of us from the meeting have been working hard on forming a club for everyone.
The club (Felixstowe Skatepark Association) is now up and running. It’s still early days yet and there is a lot more work to do.
Please be patient as none of us have been involved in forming or running a club before.

As promised there will be a meeting soon for the 28 of us involved so far in the project, then we will hold a meeting for all the new members we are hoping to recruit over the next few weeks.
By Tuesday there should be a campaign poster up in the two High Schools, our five Primary Schools and Halfords shop window in the town, asking for people to become members of the F.S.A, to show their support for the project and hopefully bring all the Skaters, Bmxers and in-liners together.
Keep an eye out for the posters, hope you like them.

We are hoping to leave a load of blank membership forms at each of the Schools.
Membership forms can also be downloaded from –

The web site is now up and running, again early days, the web site is growing every week. Check it out there is a far bit of information posted up on the site already.

A big thanks to James Hume for the hard work he has put in to getting the site up and running.

I have inclosed a membership form. My address is on the form if you need to get in contact with me.
There is just too much going on at the moment to put all the information down in this letter.
So please be patient we are hoping to get another newsletter out to you soon; alternatively you can check the web site for any updates.

Speak to you soon
Temporary club secretary
Michael Boreham.